What Are the Signs That You Need Pool Cleaning Services?

It’s Time to Have Your Swimming Pool Cleaned

Many people think that swimming pools are self-cleaning. You can use it and just ignore your pool. However, it is never a good idea to ignore cleaning the pool regularly. You must clean your pool at least once a week. If you neglect cleaning your pool, expect that your pool will have some problems in the future. On that note, some signs that you need a pool cleaning service are as follows:

Bad odors

Have you been smelling something unpleasant coming from your pool? Perhaps, even moldy? It could mean that your pool has invisible problems. It’s probably time to drain, clean, and replace your filter! If you don’t do that, you may get sick and waste a lot of money on medications. With professional help, you can protect yourself and your family from health issues. You’ll also prevent the bad smell from spreading through your house!

Green stains

Have you noticed that leaves, dust, or mold are collecting in your pool? If you see green stains in your pool, leave it as is. These aren’t dangerous and won’t cause any problems. However, what would you do if they were brown? These could be signs of algae and may cause skin allergies and eye infections. Call on professionals to have those algae cleaned and checked! They can determine whether you need to replace or leave the filter alone. That’s why it’s so important to invest in professional pool cleaning!

Changing colors and wall thickness

If the water in your pool is not clean and clear anymore, the problem is most likely with the chemicals. You might need to change the pool filter or the chemicals. You have to ensure that the pool water is clean and clear to eliminate the stains and paints from the pool. If your pool wall is changing colors, the water might contain some chemicals that are not good for the pool. They could damage the pool’s liner and make it leak.

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