Tips for Easy Pool Maintenance

How to Make Proper Pool Maintenance Easy

Having a pool can offer a lot of comforts and make warm days a lot of fun. Additionally, a lovely pool raises property value. However, keeping your pool in excellent condition requires constant vigilance and a lot of attention. In this text, we will talk about a few important pool maintenance tips that could help keep your pool in great condition.

Remember to Clean Your Pool Often

On a daily basis, many debris, such as branches, twigs, and dirt, could end up in the pool. Most of this debris is easy to scoop up and remove using the right tool, but it is very important to do so often. However, the dirt will sink to the bottom of the pool, which makes it more difficult to access. To keep the bottom of your pool clean, consider investing in a robot vacuum that can get the job done, or contact a professional pool cleaning service.

Maintain Proper Chemical Levels

The chemistry of the water in your pool is extremely important. If the water chemistry is in disbalance, it can create a great habitat for algae to form and this will turn the water green. If bacteria develop in the water, it can cause the water to turn murky, or cause skin irritations and other problems. Test your water ideally on a weekly basis and keep your eye on the PH levels, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and chlorine levels. Your local pool maintenance expert will be able to help you with regular water testing.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Filter

Your pool’s filter has the important role of removing impurities from the water. Over time, it can gather a lot of grime and debris, and become clogged. Be sure to clean your filter often in order to keep it functioning properly! Additionally, keep an eye on the water level and make sure that you refill your pool timely.

Power Wash the Pool’s Surroundings

The area surrounding your pool is also important as it adds to the overall beauty of your pool. Additionally, keeping the tiles and surrounding pool deck clean will limit the amount of dirt that gets introduced into the pool as people enter it. Power washing is always an effective cleaning method that yields incredible results quickly.

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