Swimming Pool Plaster Options

Choices for Swimming Pool Plaster

Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? If you do, you might be familiar with a pool plaster? If you aren’t then read further to know more! A swimming pool plaster is the final coating that is applied on the surface of your pool, which dictates the overall appearance. White is a common color to emphasize the clear water. However, gone are the days of pool plasters available only in white. Nowadays, there are swimming pool companies that offer various additives and colored aggregates to add visually appealing results and durability for your satisfaction.

Pool Plaster Colors

The colors can be dyed with any color by using various coloring materials added to the mix. Black dye, in certain amounts, can produce different shades of light gray and night black. On the other hand, hues of red and blue are widely available and can be bought at rational rates to add to your marcite mix. The only problem with colored plaster is that it may not be uniform. Variations in hue can occur and it is common that it will develop a haze in the long run while white plaster may not be affected by it. However, adding color pigments can result in dramatic and artsy results. Call a swimming pool company to help you with your pool plaster colors.

Pool Plaster Quartz

If you want a visually appealing coating, you can add quartz chip or ceramic coated sand to the plaster mix. Aside from aesthetics, it can improve the durability of the plaster. Quarts is considered to be more durable and chemical resistant than marble. Overall, quartz additives help conceal imperfections on the surface in the long run. You can go to a swimming pool plaster specialists for installation.

Pool Plaster Pozzolans

Heard of pozzolans? If not, then this additive enhances the performance of your pool plaster. It does not alter the color and texture of the plaster. If you want a long-lasting and smooth coating, this is the one for you. For replastering, call a pool remodeling company to do the job for you.

It is best to call a professional swimming pool plaster company in Houston, TX if you are looking for other options. From silicon shield to exposed aggregates, Jose's Pool Cleaning Services got you covered. Call (346) 275-5572 now for more information.

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