Common Damages That Can Happen to the Pool in Houston, TX

Indications That You Need to Call the Swimming Pool Repair Contractor in Houston, TX

Building a swimming pool is more costly than building decks or patios. If you have installed one in your property, you should maintain it well since not all can afford to have one. But just like any structures, it also gets damaged as the years pass by. Repairing it should only be a done by a licensed swimming pool repair contractor. To know the right time to call one, stay on this webpage.


Once the swimming pool loses water even if not in use, there might be leaks on the walls of its walls. Ignoring this damage ends you up having a high water bill at the end of the month and purchasing expensive pool cleaning solutions. Have it evaluated by the pool service provider right away to determine the damage and its extent.

Damaged Pool Liner

Pool liners get damaged over the course of time and due to the chemicals used in cleaning and disinfecting. Even a hairline crack, must be repaired by the pool contractors immediately. Liner stains and wrinkles are the other signs telling you that the pool liner has is damage.

Pump problems

The pump is one of the most important parts of a swimming pool aside from the filtration system. The chlorinated water becomes stagnant once it gets damaged, which makes the pool unhygienic to use. A failing pump impeller and motor shaft are the most common reasons why this damage happens. Depending on the assessment of the swimming pool repair contractor, there might be a need to replace the entire pumping system of the pool for it to be fully functional again.

These indications tell you that your swimming pool needs repair. Jose's Pool Cleaning Services is the pool contractor you can trust in Houston, TX when it comes to professional pool repairs. Aside from repairs, we also offer pool remodeling service. To know how we provide our service, give us a call at (346) 275-5572 today.

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