Basic Pool Cleaning Service Guide to Dirty Pools

Toxic Pools  

Swimming pools should always be crystal clear blue when they’re clean. However, due to time and neglect., the clear swimming pool can eventually turn algae-filled green. You’ll need more special cleaning chemicals to kill the algae and prevent them from coming back in the future. A green-colored pool is already very unsightly and unsafe. Luckily, the pool can be thoroughly cleaned by your local pool cleaning service. So once it’s already teal, green, or black, depending on how bad the problem has become, it’s time to call in a professional.

Green Pool Causes

If the pool looks green, it’s basically because of algae that have grown and spread. When the chlorine level drops below a certain point, algae can grow fast and spread. It might also even be malfunctioning sanitation and filtration or too much sunlight and heat, or all of the above. Whenever these problems occur, your pool will start getting that green tinge and turn a bit cloudy, which will begin staining your pool walls and floors.

Teal, Green, Black

Teal is the beginning point of algae growth, the least problematic. Then the pool will turn green which will make the entire pool look swampy on this level of dirtiness. This is basically worse than the teal level, but don’t worry. These disgusting problems can still be cleaned with chlorine or algaecide, with proper cleaning and handling of course. However, when a pool turns dark green or even black, then things are a lot worse. Aside from draining the entire pool water and cleaning it thoroughly, a heavier dose of chlorine or algaecide would be needed.

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